Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Scrap the Bandit Metal Slime

I used to play a lot of videogames and still do when I get the chance. One of the first games I got was 'Dragon Warrior' (aka Dragon Quest) which came free with a Nintendo Power subscription. The slimes that were in the game are super popular since Dragon Quest is up to part VIII now with more coming out this year.

This painting I did after work a while back with a goal to finish that night. I could've made a detailed painting out of it like making the background more like a map but this was more just for fun. 'Scrap the Bandit Metal Slime' is what I call him.

Look at all these toys they have just for these slimes!:


Hans said...

I like it!:) Very nice colors and fun idea.


tommaso renieri said...

WOW! I like it!

Marmax said...

Thanks! I appreciate it. :)

potato farm girl said...

Awesome! You know the DS is coming out with a game where the slime is the star? Right?

Marmax said...

Yeah, I saw that! Definately gotta get it. They have a new Mana game too!

Kevin Keele said...

I love this. LOVE IT! I've currently logged 100+ hours into Dragon Quest VIII. I'm always happy to see video game related paintings. This is awesome.